Entrepreneurship and autonomous trucking: Martin Daum & Austin Russell, CEO of Luminar Technologies, in a podcast discussion

Stuttgart – In the current episode of his podcast Transportation Matters, Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Truck AG, talks with Austin Russell, CEO of Luminar Technologies. Luminar is a U.S. based high-tech specialist in the field of autonomous driving. The discussion focuses on the topics of „entrepreneurship“ and „automated trucking“. Austin Russell is considered a „tech Wunderkind“ who, at the age of 17, founded his company, Luminar, which went public in 2020. At the end of this year, Martin Daum together with his Board of Management team will lead Daimler Truck AG to autonomy following the company’s spin-off.

Both companies have entered a strategic partnership with the objective of bringing autonomous series-production trucks (SAE Level 4) to the roads. In line with this the partners are further developing Luminar’s Lidar technology; a type of three-dimensional laser scanning for object recognition at high speeds and thus for operation in long-distance haulage on US highways. The ultimate goal of both companies is to make safe operation of autonomous trucks possible and thus to contribute to the further development of the entire sector.

Martin Daum: „Entrepreneurship is an important driving force behind progress. Without this force, ideas would simply remain ideas. They only become real products and services with entrepreneurship. For example, a considerable amount of entrepreneurial spirit is required to make the extremely safe and efficient transportation of the future reality with autonomous trucks. I will be talking to Austin Russell, one of the great pioneers of the American high-tech industry, about how he is working towards this vision and how he became an entrepreneur at an early age.“

About the podcast of Daimler Trucks & Buses

Transportation Matters is the first CEO Podcast of the transportation industry. Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Truck AG, speaks with international guests on topics ranging from the future of transport to sustainability and all the way to leadership knowledge. Following the successful first and second season, the third season started with new and interesting guests started in May this year. This is the sixth and last episode of the third season.

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