Setra S 418 LE business test vehicle

  • Low-entry inter-city bus available in three lengths
  • OM 470 with 265 kW (360 hp): powerful with low consumption
  • Flexibility is the key: four transmission variants available
  • Practically equipped, air-conditioned passenger compartment

The three-axle Setra S 418 LE business test vehicle is painted pure white and is 14.6-m long. The inter-city bus is powered by a six-cylinder inline OM 470 engine which delivers a maximum output of 265 kW (360 hp) at 1800 rpm from a displacement of 10.7 l. Its maximum torque of 1700 Nm is already available at 1100 rpm. The vehicle is equipped with a ZF Ecolife AP six-speed automatic transmission.

The rear axle ratio of i = 5.222 allows the Euro VI engine to run at a speed of around 1698 rpmat a vehicle speed of 100 km/h in sixth gear.

Low-entry inter-city bus available in three lengths

In addition to the two-axle S 415/416 LE business models, Setra has now extended its offering of low-entry inter-city buses with the S 418 LE business bus. The 14.6-m long vehicle, designed with a low floor that stretches beyond the rear entrance and a level entry without steps, is powered by an efficient six-cylinder OM 470 engine which is available in the output categories 265 kW (360 hp) and 290 kW (394 hp). The six-speed GO 210 manual transmission is installed as standard. The S 418 LE business impresses with its high seating capacity – depending on the version there are seats for more than 60 passengers. Thus the Setra meets the requirements of very busy inter-city routes.

Flexibility is the key: four transmission variants available

Bus companies can choose between four transmission variants in the Setra LE business. The six-speed GO 190 or 210 manual transmission is installed as standard. The ZF Ecolife six-speed automatic torque converter transmission, the fully-automated eight-speed GO 250-8 PowerShift manual transmission and the Voith Diwa.6 four-speed automatic transmission are available on request. The vehicle’s drivetrain can be further adapted to specific operations with various axle ratios.

Practically equipped, air-conditioned passenger compartment

In the test vehicle, 51 passengers can sit on the comfortable „Setra Transit“ passenger seats that are upholstered in „Dorint, black azur“ fabric. The roof-mounted EvoCool Comfort air conditioning system with a cooling output of 39 kW provides for a pleasant climate in the interior even in summer temperatures. 

Technical data and equipment of the Setra S 418 LE business

Vehicle data


Length:                                                                              14,640 mm


Width:                                                                                  2550 mm


Height                                                                                   3295 mm
– incl. air conditioning system                                                 3350 mm


Wheelbase, front axle to driven axle:                                  approx. 7040 mm

Wheelbase, driven axle to trailing axle                               approx. 1600 mm


Overhangs:                                    2700 mm at front/3300 mm at rear


Turning circle:                                                       approx. 23,520 mm


Tank capacity (volume):                                                   approx. 350 l


Tank capacity AdBlue (volume):                                          approx. 45 l


Interior headroom (low-floor area):                                         2620 mm


Platform height:                                                          approx. 190 mm


Boarding height, front:                                                             345 mm


Boarding height, rear:         380 mm


Powertrain and chassis


Engine, cylinders:             OM 470, 265 kW (360 hp), 6 cylinders, in-line


Displacement:                                                                             10.7 l


Torque:                                               1700 Nm (1100 rpm)


Exhaust gas aftertreatment:             controlled exhaust gas recirculation, SCR technology, closed soot particle filter


Emissions limit value:                                                               Euro VI


Axle ratio:                                                                              i = 5.222


Transmission:                      ZF EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission


Retarder:                                              Voith secondary water retarder


Front axle:                                                                         ZF RL 75 EC


Driven axle:                                                                        MB RO 440


Steering:                                                                ZF Servocom 8098


Safety and assistance systems


Electronic Stability Program (ESP), incl. acceleration skid control system (ASR), ESP incl. ASR disengageable, cruise control, Brake Assist (BAS), frequent-stop brake with start-off protection



Seating 1/51, type „Setra Transit“, rear bench seat with 5 individual seats, passenger seats, 2 folding seats, seat cushions and backrests incl. rear of seats in „Dorint, black azur“ fabric, special-use space in the passenger compartment

Equipment includes


Radar-based Sideguard Assist, retrofitted

Protective driver screen, retrofitted

Electronic level control (ENR), independent of door status

Kneeling function, manual on entry side, independent of door status

Body raising/lowering system

Stabiliser on front axle, stabiliser on rear axle

Outside mirrors right and left, electrically heated and adjustable

Fire alarm system with detection line in the engine compartment

Bosch Smartradio audio system, Mono, DAB+

Multifunction aerial for radio and mobile telephony (GSM, UMTS)

USB port (MP3/WMA) and AUX

On-board electrical system management with intelligent battery sensor (IBS)

On-board diagnostics (OBD), integrated diagnostics system (IDS)

Data interface, standardised, for Fleetboard Bus fleet management system

Microphone for driver on seat backrest, wall side

Interurban cockpit instrument panel

Adapter for a payment point

Heater blower for passenger compartment, air conditioning system for passenger compartment, roof-mounted version, type EvoCool Comfort

Front fog lamps, LED daytime running light

Hazard warning light system for stops on regular and school bus service routes with separate button

Night lighting for passenger compartment

Engine compartment lamp

EvoBus destination display, LED technology

Folding ramp, manually operated, at entrance door ll

Outward swivelling door (AST), door I and II, pneumatically driven

PVC floor covering in central aisle and on platform

Luggage racks with grille

Handrails on aisle side of luggage shelf, on left

Coat hooks on window dividers in passenger compartment

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